At DJ Associates, we have been continuously entrusted to establish partnerships that ensure the vibrant exchange of visions between architects, clients, and allied professionals. We believe these partnerships are a principal component of our success.


DJ Associates has been called upon to design numerous commercial, institutional and residential projects in the New York area. Each of these projects has been conceived to meet its context with elegance and to predict and direct its residents’ future needs. We aim to provide fresh and modern architecture that displays a sense of humanism and meaning while implementing programmatic essentials. We accomplish this through our view of a successful partnership: progressive teamwork with clients and consultants that enrich and stimulate design and performance, followed up with our meticulous analysis into of the best solutions to facilitate cost effective strategies and sophisticated design.

The finest architecture is accomplished through instinct and wisdom, coupled with a process of intensive ongoing conversation, cooperation, examination, editing and successful execution. We at DJ Associates embody these themes, and have a proven track record of applying these principles to diligently arrive at pragmatically productive works of architectural superiority.